Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

This is where you'll find all my news and thoughts about being a Celebrant and Mentor, as well as snippets of the feedback that people kindly send to me. If you have any comments, suggestions or even your own personal testimonial to share, then I'd love to hear from you.

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Getting ‘suited and booted’ for Elephants!

Posted: August 14th 2017

It may have skipped you by, as it nearly did with me, but Saturday 12th August was World Elephant Day. I learnt an interesting fact about the behaviour of these majestic animals over on social media – one that might just give me another string to my bow! Elephants have ‘Greeting Ceremonies’ for when a
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“I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final goodbye”

Posted: July 29th 2017

I came across this verse some time ago but I’ve recently drawn on it again in my work as a Funeral Celebrant.  I think it’s one of those poems where everyone will put their own meaning into it.  But for me, the message that runs through it is that we should experience life in its
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“When angels are near, white feathers appear.”

Posted: July 16th 2017

Have you heard of the ‘White Feather’ experience when someone has passed away? It’s when bereaved people suddenly find a white feather in the most of unusual of places.  Nothing can explain how it got there.  But it’s seen as a message from the person who’s died and that they’re comforting you with their presence.
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Time out and guilty pleasures!

Posted: July 1st 2017

Everyone needs time out from the diary every now and then  You’ll know what I mean – that time where you can refresh, recharge your batteries and create the space for new thinking. Here’s how we spend most of our time – helping our Newfoundlands Dibley and Mischa, to enjoy their lives and to get
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Some words just ‘get’ you right there!

Posted: June 24th 2017

I often hear tales and stories of verses, prayers and readings that are found in personal possessions after someone has died.  This is one of those that was recently shared at a lady’s funeral.  I don’t know why but I just love it! “Doubt sees the obstacles……….Faith sees the way. Doubt sees the darkest night……….Faith
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“So as you give your Dad a hug…….”

Posted: June 18th 2017

Cards…………..Texts……………….What’s app!…………….Emails…………..Letters……………Phone calls…………….Skype………and many more ways that messages for Father’s Day will be whizzing around the UK today! It’s a day that celebrates the role of being a Dad and the legacy this creates.  But that won’t be a universal celebration.  For many, just getting through Father’s Day will be deeply poignant.  It can bring
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Once a writer and sharer of ideas……then always one!

Posted: June 4th 2017

It’s only when you go fishing through your files, that you find things that remind you of what you used to get up to! I’ve always enjoyed transferring my thoughts into the written word and sharing my thoughts and ideas.  It’s what creates great conversations and it’s what facilitates progression.  So would it surprise you
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Time to take it all in – holidays & learning points!

Posted: June 1st 2017

Anyone who runs a business and who works for themselves, always needs time away to recharge the batteries! As a Celebrant I know just how important that is both for my own energy levels and the value I can give my clients.  After all, you don’t want someone at the front leading a Funeral or
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Grandads are…….? A reading written from the heart.

Posted: May 17th 2017

A colleague recently asked me if I could suggest a suitable reading for her to read out at her Grandad’s Funeral.  So of course the answer was yes! I asked her to tell me a little bit more about her Grandad first.  What came back was a cheerful and joyful flow of words that told
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Speeding up your decision making with a Mentor

Posted: May 7th 2017

I remember when I first stepped out of my Celebrancy training, I had a whole raft of questions I kept asking myself . Which way to go, how to make sense of all the learning you’ve done – all those things that keep you awake at night! Getting a seasoned Mentor at your side can
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