Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

This is where you'll find all my news and thoughts about being a Celebrant and Mentor, as well as snippets of the feedback that people kindly send to me. If you have any comments, suggestions or even your own personal testimonial to share, then I'd love to hear from you.

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Why I’ve never paid a penny to advertise!

Posted: October 23rd 2017

In my 6 years of being a Celebrant, I’ve never spent a penny to advertise or paid to put myself on any list or directory – and I never will. All of my business has come from recommendations from colleagues I work closely alongside and people who’ve used my services and told other people about
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Being ‘Absent but Present’.

Posted: October 22nd 2017

As I write different ceremonies, I’m always conscious of people who are no longer with us but who’ve been integral to the story being told – whether that’s in a Wedding, Naming, Vow Renewal or part of the many Funerals I continue to lead. I call it being ‘Absent but Present’.  Somebody may no longer
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Good old ‘Navel Gazing!

Posted: October 21st 2017

Working for yourself and running a business is hugely rewarding.  But it can be a challenge too! You have all the highs and lows of business life. You’re responsible for your own success….and mistakes too. And it’s up to you to make all those important business decisions along the way! Sometimes it feels like treacle. 
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“When you look at me, what do you see?”

Posted: October 16th 2017

I met a gentleman many months ago, after we stood talking about the funeral that I’d just led.   He was an interesting man and I can still hear the words of our conversation. It was all about his beliefs about life, death and spirituality and how everything in life happens for a reason.  
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Body language and congruency!

Posted: October 11th 2017

As I go about my business outside of my Celebrancy role at the moment, I find I have the time to witness the power of eye contact.  You may not always be aware when you’ve had it – but you certainly know when it’s missing from the interaction! Words on their own have no meaning
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“In fact the whole service from start to finish was beautiful”

Posted: October 5th 2017

“Dear Carole Thank you for your lovely card and thank you for the beautiful service that you gave.  It was very heart rendering and had all of us with tears in our eyes. xxxxx would have stood tall for The Last Post. In fact the whole service from start to finish was beautiful.  Everyone commented
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Mentoring: “…….move your dreams up to the next level…”

Posted: October 2nd 2017

As Celebrants we all run our businesses in our own unique ways.  Different strategies.  Unique visions and aims.  Varying skill sets and knowledge bases. Having a Mentor at your side can help you to focus right down into your business so that you can harness your individuality and lever its success.  For me, mentoring support
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Enjoying a break away – literally!

Posted: September 28th 2017

You may have noticed that I’ve been a tad quieter on the social media platforms just lately.  Well a recent trip to Wales gave me a break away – literally! So with a fractured right wrist, I find myself giving you this update with my very worn left hand.  I may not be delivering ceremonies
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Wave goodbye to the long summer nights!

Posted: September 22nd 2017

Today is the Autumn Equinox, where we mark the end of summer by waving goodbye to the long nights and open our arms to the chill of Winter’s call. So as you step into the weekend, let me leave you with this beautifully written poem that I found on my search.  It captures the essence
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We’re pretty normal people in the Funeral industry!

Posted: August 29th 2017

I eat curries. I drink wine. I love people. I brush and walk my dogs. I do the gym. I treasure silent cappuccino moments. I can tap dance too! Would it surprise you to know that people who work in the Funeral industry are pretty normal!