Individually written funeral services

Individually written funeral services

Carole Renshaw Civil CelebrantOver the last eight years, I’ve led many unforgettable ceremonies; from funerals and baby namings, to weddings and vow renewals.  My focus is now on Funeral Celebrancy.  It’s where my heart is.  It’s where I know I belong.

My career in the public, private and charity sectors, leading people and organisations through big changes, gave me the skills I needed to become a successful and respected Civil Celebrant.  That means that every service I deliver draws on my experience as a facilitator, coach, public speaker and creative writer.  It’s a combination of these skills, that helps me to bring a real sense of significance and poignancy to every occasion.

As a professionally trained Celebrant, I have an eye for the wider picture of Celebrancy and how the role is developing both here in the UK and beyond.  I’ve also nurtured a trusted network of industry specialists too and together we make sure that your service is the very best that it can be.

I also want to help new Celebrants who are just starting out so that like me, they can establish successful, thriving businesses based on their unique blend of skills and expertise.

If you’re new to the Celebrancy world and would like some professional and individual support along the way, then I’d love to chat with you about how I can help.