Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

Chuffed to be the only Celebrant to have ever won this award!

Posted: February 15th 2019

This week saw me skip off to Birmingham to the annual gathering of the ‘Small Business Sunday’ winners. You might remember that back in 2013, Theo Paphitis the former Dragon’s Den entrepreneur chose Sincere Moments as one of his top 6 favourite businesses on twitter.  It’s something he does every week and the national network
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“Every new beginning………” Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31st 2018

Walking away from one year and into another, stirs lots of different emotions for people. For some they’re glad to see the ending of the last twelve months. Whilst for others, the beginning of a new year welcomes new goals and challenges. And so however you decide to end one year and walk into another,
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My Christmas Message – I feel like the Queen!

Posted: December 24th 2018

This festive period marks my 8th Christmas as a Celebrant and because rituals bring order into my life, you’ll know that every year I give a Christmas Message on Christmas Eve. I almost feel like The Queen – it’s just that I’m a day ahead of her! So as I draw my festive wishes together
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Working ‘on’ your business or ‘in’ your business?

Posted: September 25th 2018

I’ve been chatting with someone today about the difference from working ‘in’ your business as opposed to working ‘on’ your business.  If you can’t lift yourself out of the treacle and detail of your day to day work then you’ll never get used to strategising. The minutiae is the soft option. It’s comfortable.  It’s also
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Know your values inside out!

Posted: September 11th 2018

Who and what we are drives the way we run our businesses. What we stand for and what we believe is important, shines through everything we do. Our inner beliefs and values really do make or break us – so have you truly got a handle on yours? Make no bones about it but our
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I’ll protect your information like the crown jewels!

Posted: July 7th 2018

Whenever I provide a Funeral service for you or a member of your family, then you can rest assured that your information is as protected as the crown jewels. You welcome me into your home and you share private and personal information with me.  If I were in your shoes, I’d expect my information to
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Just treading water in your business? A Mentor can help show you the way!

Posted: April 30th 2018

As someone who’s always had a Mentor and a Coach at their side, I completely understand the value of the roles.  That’s why offering these services to new and developing Celebrants is so important to me.  I know the difference they can make to a sink or swim scenario. A good Mentor and Coach will
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Nobody deserves to be ‘vaguely remembered’ – here’s why I do what I do!

Posted: April 22nd 2018

“So what made you go into this then?” Even 7 years into being a Funeral Celebrant, this is still something I get asked on a weekly basis.  I’m not surprised though because quite frankly, what is it that makes someone want to get up every day, put some black clothes on and go to a
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It’s time to recognise the changing Celebrant landscape!

Posted: April 15th 2018

As a Celebrant Mentor I’m not in the game of skilling people up to become good Celebrants – there are lots of training bodies out there and many active online forums that are well equipped to do that. I’m more focussed on raising the game for individual Celebrants to help them find their own path
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Religion, Spirituality or Faith…..who knows?

Posted: April 1st 2018

As a Celebrant I get asked so many times about my own beliefs about life and death. Am I religious? Do I believe in God? Do I think there’s something out there? I’ve enjoyed some interesting conversations over the years and whilst my own beliefs don’t come into my role as a Celebrant, they do
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