Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

Never underestimate what a ‘good’ Funeral can do!

Posted: January 28th 2018

“Dear Carole Thank you for sending me the transcript of the words spoken at xxx’s funeral. We all agreed that the service was perfect.  This was down to you and we are most grateful.  Many friends have since said that’s what they would want for their funerals.  xxxx would have appreciated it.  I came away
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Subtle messages that bring comfort

Posted: January 21st 2018

“…….and I noticed a Blue Tit through the window.  It appeared in the tree to your left during your final words…………So even for me, the most stubborn of non believers, found some warmth and comfort through the sadness during your service.“ These words came into my Email Inbox today.  They remind me that whatever your
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‘My Daughter’…….just one of those fridge magnets!

Posted: January 15th 2018

I’ve been clearing a few drawers and bags out lately and came across an old fridge magnet that my Mum must have given me some years ago. As I took her shopping today I caught myself glancing at her discreetly at different times as I remembered the gentle words embossed on the magnet: “My Daughter
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Chuffed….Shock Waves….and being indebted: Another year goes by!

Posted: December 30th 2017

As 2018 starts knocking on our doors, I’ve gently looked back over my shoulders to see what the last twelve months have meant for Sincere Moments. There have been some great developments that have moved the business in new directions but running alongside all of that, there have been moments that have brought me to
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Why I’ve never paid a penny to advertise!

Posted: October 23rd 2017

In my 6 years of being a Celebrant, I’ve never spent a penny to advertise or paid to put myself on any list or directory – and I never will. All of my business has come from recommendations from colleagues I work closely alongside and people who’ve used my services and told other people about
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Good old ‘Navel Gazing!

Posted: October 21st 2017

Working for yourself and running a business is hugely rewarding.  But it can be a challenge too! You have all the highs and lows of business life. You’re responsible for your own success….and mistakes too. And it’s up to you to make all those important business decisions along the way! Sometimes it feels like treacle. 
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“In fact the whole service from start to finish was beautiful”

Posted: October 5th 2017

“Dear Carole Thank you for your lovely card and thank you for the beautiful service that you gave.  It was very heart rendering and had all of us with tears in our eyes. xxxxx would have stood tall for The Last Post. In fact the whole service from start to finish was beautiful.  Everyone commented
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Happy 6th birthday……with a mention of ‘Brand Touchpoints’ too!

Posted: April 18th 2017

This month sees Sincere Moments celebrate its 6th Birthday! It’s come a long way over that time and gone through all the highs and lows that successful businesses go through.  So this Easter, I spent some time mulling over the things I’ve learnt most about being a Celebrant and a business owner. Here’s where my thoughts took
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“…pass on your widsom and knowledge…”

Posted: April 1st 2017

I shouldn’t be surprised at the feedback I’ve had since I launched my mentoring services a couple of weeks ago. I sensed there was a demand for it and I knew I had lots to offer back to the profession.  But reading these kind of comments just endorses the value of having a good Mentor at
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“So Carole thank you once more for your love and care………”

Posted: March 13th 2017

“Hiya Carole Sorry I am late replying to your letter. You have become a very special person in our family’s lives. Your understanding and love that comes with you is such a help at sad times. It seems strange to say it’s always a pleasure to see you but when we do, we know things
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