Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

Raising standards across Celebrancy……but what makes a good Funeral Celebrant?

Posted: June 20th 2019

There’s lots going on in the Funeral Celebrancy world at the moment that’s geared towards raising standards and practice across the profession. That can only be a good thing for everyone. But I’m keeping my eye on the developments of the body that’s leading this work because from what I can see so far, the
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Father’s Day – it’s not all bells and whistles out there.

Posted: June 16th 2019

Cards, Texts, Emails, Skype, WhatsApp and even good old letters. There’s lots flying around today as everyone celebrates Father’s Day in the way they know best. But it’s not all bells and whistles out there. There’ll be many sons and daughters who’ll be hiding away as they try and get through their first Father’s Day
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Edith took one last breath – our family’s final farewell.

Posted: June 4th 2019

I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a few days because we’ve been preparing for a family funeral that would bring us all together from different parts of the country. Yesterday we bid farewell to a lady who’d lived a long life and who spent her final years being wonderfully cared for in a
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“….professionalism, care and attention to detail……

Posted: May 31st 2019

Here’s some warm and genuine feedback that’s recently landed in my Inbox: “Hi Carole I just wanted to thank you for your excellent delivery of my Mother’s funeral yesterday. Not just the service but your professionalism, care and attention to detail beforehand as well. There were a number of comments made by people who attended
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The next time I mention their name…..

Posted: May 10th 2019

Yesterday I was asked if I’m ever approached by people who know they’re dying and who want to discuss their funeral with me. The answer was yes. I’ve been humbled to meet individuals who’ve wanted to sort things out before they leave our world. And one of the hardest things that concludes our discussions is
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Stopping off at the side of the road!

Posted: May 4th 2019

I travel all different kind of back roads to get to Bradwell Crematorium in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. I’ll avoid the A500 like the plague where I can! But these smaller roads do take you through the seasons. My journey yesterday meant that I had to pull in to take a phone call……and then these beauties took
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A serene blessing to guide your May Day!

Posted: May 1st 2019

As May Day draws to a close with weather that’s been all around the May Poles, here’s a serene Apache Blessing that captures nature’s elements for us: “May the sun bring you new energy by day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow
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Going shopping like never before.

Posted: April 21st 2019

I’ve been going through some papers and was reminded of this poem, that I first came across at a Funeral back in November. I can still remember how everyone smiled as they sat and listened to the person reading it. It got lots of comments after the service and many people asked for a copy
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Have a happy and peaceful Easter!

Posted: April 18th 2019

Easter means different things to each and every one of us. So whichever side of the fence you sit on, or if you’re on the fence itself, then here’s a blessing that captures all the elements needed to walk you into Easter. “May your Easter be happy May your day be bright May you enjoy
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It’s not all about flowers and a wake!

Posted: April 14th 2019

“I’ve really enjoyed talking about Mum. That was really quite therapeutic!” This afternoon’s meeting wasn’t just about gathering the information I need as a Funeral Celebrant. Just as importantly, it was about helping a family prepare for their Final Goodbyes too. Never underestimate the value of spending time together to talk about a Funeral. It’s
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