Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

A serene blessing to guide your May Day!

Posted: May 1st 2019

As May Day draws to a close with weather that’s been all around the May Poles, here’s a serene Apache Blessing that captures nature’s elements for us: “May the sun bring you new energy by day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow
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Going shopping like never before.

Posted: April 21st 2019

I’ve been going through some papers and was reminded of this poem, that I first came across at a Funeral back in November. I can still remember how everyone smiled as they sat and listened to the person reading it. It got lots of comments after the service and many people asked for a copy
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Have a happy and peaceful Easter!

Posted: April 18th 2019

Easter means different things to each and every one of us. So whichever side of the fence you sit on, or if you’re on the fence itself, then here’s a blessing that captures all the elements needed to walk you into Easter. “May your Easter be happy May your day be bright May you enjoy
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It’s not all about flowers and a wake!

Posted: April 14th 2019

“I’ve really enjoyed talking about Mum. That was really quite therapeutic!” This afternoon’s meeting wasn’t just about gathering the information I need as a Funeral Celebrant. Just as importantly, it was about helping a family prepare for their Final Goodbyes too. Never underestimate the value of spending time together to talk about a Funeral. It’s
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Keeping a sense of humility!

Posted: April 13th 2019

A good, reputable Funeral Celebrant will have people asking for them time and time again. But that doesn’t mean that you stop being grateful every time the phone rings. I never once take my client base or my business for granted. For me, it’s about retaining a sense of humility and how everything comes together
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Learning to live with a Celebrant!

Posted: April 10th 2019

Hector’s beginning to get the basis of what his new life is all about and how he can add value to my role: 1 A mid afternoon stroll is great for easing writer’s block. 2 Providing a soft head for stroking is good for the thinking. 3 Muddy paws cause some great, lengthy discussions! 4
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In English please!

Posted: April 2nd 2019

“Deceased” – the person who has died. “Mourner” – a person who goes to a Funeral to say their final goodbyes. “Interment” – the burial of a body or someone’s ashes. The Funeral industry like any industry, has its own professional jargon. You’ll never catch me using it in any of my material though. I
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Being aware of the emotion behind the door!

Posted: March 26th 2019

This is our front door! So this is what you need to knock to let me know you’re here! I’m always so very conscious of the emotion someone will be holding, when they’re expecting my knock on their door to talk about a Funeral. What will she look like? What will she ask? What if
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Light and dark are equal again!

Posted: March 20th 2019

A timely reading that gives thanks as we welcome in the Spring Equinox. “The wheel of the year turns once more and the vernal equinox arrives. Light and dark are equal and the soil begins to change. The earth awakes from its slumber and new life springs forth once more. The sun draws ever closer
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Yes – I keep every single ‘thank you’ card!

Posted: March 17th 2019

I keep old Christmas cards from my family. I keep postcards from interesting places. I keep milestone anniversary cards from anyone who sends them to me! So would it surprise you to know that I keep every single ‘Thank You’ card that lands in my letter box? If you’ve ever been kind enough to pop
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