Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

“….for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

Posted: November 11th 2018

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. We will remember them. When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave
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The essence of a Dad; Happy Father’s Day!

Posted: June 17th 2018

On Father’s Day I thought I’d share this poem with you.  As someone who lost their Dad at a really young age, it hits all the right notes for me. Whether you can be with your Dad today or whether you can remember the depth of his presence, may these words remind you of all
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Who’ll read your love letters when you’re gone?

Posted: May 9th 2018

How would you feel if you found your Mum and Dad’s old love letters?  I’ve sat with lots of sons and daughters who’ve just done that. It leaves them both amused and embarrassed at what they’ve found.  Some chuckle and want to put them straight back where they got them from because they feel like
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Happy St George’s Day little one!

Posted: April 23rd 2018

A laptop………A coffee………Ten minutes to spare! Here’s my own personal blessing for the new member of the Royal Family. “May your tiny steps take you far and wide May you bring love and laughter to those at your side. May you make your mark in your own unique way. May you learn to enjoy the
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Nobody deserves to be ‘vaguely remembered’ – here’s why I do what I do!

Posted: April 22nd 2018

“So what made you go into this then?” Even 7 years into being a Funeral Celebrant, this is still something I get asked on a weekly basis.  I’m not surprised though because quite frankly, what is it that makes someone want to get up every day, put some black clothes on and go to a
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It’s time to recognise the changing Celebrant landscape!

Posted: April 15th 2018

As a Celebrant Mentor I’m not in the game of skilling people up to become good Celebrants – there are lots of training bodies out there and many active online forums that are well equipped to do that. I’m more focussed on raising the game for individual Celebrants to help them find their own path
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Easter means different things to different people……

Posted: March 29th 2018

Easter means different things to different people which is just as it should be. There’s room for everyone’s beliefs and values in this world and it’s that acceptance of diversity, that makes life the gift that it is. And so however you’ve chosen to spend it and whomever you choose to spend it with, let
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Celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’…..not that I’m a feminist!

Posted: March 8th 2018

Today is ‘International Women’s Day’ where the strive for gender parity is at its strongest! I don’t consider myself to be a feminist and nor do I overtly push for recognition for women. The very nature of how I do things and of how I go about life, tells me that subtle progress is made
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“I add my breath to your breath” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted: February 14th 2018

“I add my breath to your breath. That our days may be long in the earth. That the days of our people may be long. That we may be one person. That we may finish our roads together. May our life paths be fulfilled.” (Keren Indian Song) Says it all really! Happy St Valentine’s Day!

‘My Daughter’…….just one of those fridge magnets!

Posted: January 15th 2018

I’ve been clearing a few drawers and bags out lately and came across an old fridge magnet that my Mum must have given me some years ago. As I took her shopping today I caught myself glancing at her discreetly at different times as I remembered the gentle words embossed on the magnet: “My Daughter
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