Award winning civil celebrancy

Award winning civil celebrancy

Nobody deserves to be ‘vaguely remembered’ – here’s why I do what I do!

Posted: April 22nd 2018

“So what made you go into this then?” Even 7 years into being a Funeral Celebrant, this is still something I get asked on a weekly basis.  I’m not surprised though because quite frankly, what is it that makes someone want to get up every day, put some black clothes on and go to a
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It’s time to recognise the changing Celebrant landscape!

Posted: April 15th 2018

As a Celebrant Mentor I’m not in the game of skilling people up to become good Celebrants – there are lots of training bodies out there and many active online forums that are well equipped to do that. I’m more focussed on raising the game for individual Celebrants to help them find their own path
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Easter means different things to different people……

Posted: March 29th 2018

Easter means different things to different people which is just as it should be. There’s room for everyone’s beliefs and values in this world and it’s that acceptance of diversity, that makes life the gift that it is. And so however you’ve chosen to spend it and whomever you choose to spend it with, let
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Celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’…..not that I’m a feminist!

Posted: March 8th 2018

Today is ‘International Women’s Day’ where the strive for gender parity is at its strongest! I don’t consider myself to be a feminist and nor do I overtly push for recognition for women. The very nature of how I do things and of how I go about life, tells me that subtle progress is made
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“I add my breath to your breath” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted: February 14th 2018

“I add my breath to your breath. That our days may be long in the earth. That the days of our people may be long. That we may be one person. That we may finish our roads together. May our life paths be fulfilled.” (Keren Indian Song) Says it all really! Happy St Valentine’s Day!

‘My Daughter’…….just one of those fridge magnets!

Posted: January 15th 2018

I’ve been clearing a few drawers and bags out lately and came across an old fridge magnet that my Mum must have given me some years ago. As I took her shopping today I caught myself glancing at her discreetly at different times as I remembered the gentle words embossed on the magnet: “My Daughter
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Chuffed….Shock Waves….and being indebted: Another year goes by!

Posted: December 30th 2017

As 2018 starts knocking on our doors, I’ve gently looked back over my shoulders to see what the last twelve months have meant for Sincere Moments. There have been some great developments that have moved the business in new directions but running alongside all of that, there have been moments that have brought me to
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A very merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted: December 24th 2017

This festive period marks my 7th Christmas as a Celebrant and because I’m into rituals, you’ll know that every year I give a Christmas message on Christmas Eve.  I almost feel like the Queen! So as I bring together my festive wishes, here are some special sentiments for those who are in my thinking as
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After 6 years on Twitter – I can’t ever see us falling out!

Posted: November 28th 2017

On the 28th November 2011 I sent out my very first tweet! Since then, I’ve dipped in and out of twitter with a total of 19,000 tweets!  If you’d asked me back then just what I’d hoped to get from it all, then you’d have heard some waffle, some silence and lots of what if’s
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“It’s a wonderful feeling………”

Posted: November 23rd 2017

Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes.  That’s because every business owner approaches their development in different ways and with their own unique set of skills and values – the very things that make us who we are. A good Mentor and Coach works with that person’s inner compass, to help them find the strategies
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