Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: June 4th 2019 | Posted in Celebrancy, Funerals

I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a few days because we’ve been preparing for a family funeral that would bring us all together from different parts of the country.

Yesterday we bid farewell to a lady who’d lived a long life and who spent her final years being wonderfully cared for in a nursing home in Chesterfield. She had dementia but gladly still recognised us all and reminded us frequently of lots of happy memories and tales….some going back many years!

The son wrote a poem for his Mum just as he did for his Dad’s service 4 years ago. These are the words that he gently but confidently spoke yesterday. He’s also happy that I share these with you and that I leave his Mum and Dad’s names in.

And just in case you’re wondering if I led the service. The answer’s no.

I never lead any of my family’s Funerals. I’d much rather be side by side with everyone else, doing just what we all need to do when we lose someone special.

“Edith took her one last breath and then she was gone.
A proud Aunt, Sister, Grandma, a Wife and a Mum.
We never saw the butterflies she said danced around her head.
Nor did she tell us who the man was standing by her bed.
Although the years of illness had left her weak and frail,
her resolve and sense of humour always did prevail.

So now no need to struggle to remember any more,
the names of the faces that passed your chair by the door.
And as the veil has lifted from the muddled mind,
recaptured memories of a life well lived, can gradually unwind.

So Alan get the kettle on. Edie is on her way!
Quickly leave Christ’s garden, or there’ll be all hell to pay.
Sixty years of marriage unmentioned and your name never said.
Though what she said she missed the most, were the cuddles shared in bed.

We know that heaven will be a tidier place, now that she is there.
No crumbs left on a table. She will even clean God’s chair!
And now we bid to you farewell and remember all you’ve done.
Edith ….an Aunt, Sister, Grandma, a Wife and a Mum.”

Go gently Edie xx.