Over 70,000 people have seen and</br>heard one of my ceremonies

Over 70,000 people have seen and
heard one of my ceremonies

Funeral CelebrancyA funeral, memorial service or a Celebration of Life, is our last and final chance to say goodbye to someone we’ve loved.  It’s one of the hardest things in life that we have to do and it’s just as hard to get it right.

My services give you the choice and freedom over every aspect; from every word that’s spoken to every piece of music that’s played.  They can be completely non-religious or you may want to include a special hymn, prayer or reading if you feel it would help everyone.

Most of all, they’re a chance to reflect on that special person’s life, so that you walk away from the service remembering them just as they were and in the most authentic way you can.  I’ll help you to do this by sitting down with you and talking through every single detail.

If you’ve recently lost someone special or want to plan a service for a person who’s coming to the end of their life, then please do get in touch.