Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: February 3rd 2019 | Posted in Funerals, What you say about me

Who wouldn’t want to close their weekend by reading some warm and authentic feedback?

So here’s a snippet of the words used in some of the emails that landed in my inbox over the last couple of days:

“You were professional and empathetic at the same time……..many people complimented the service as a whole and yourself individually…….It was so lovely and personal and delivered with such calm and professionalism…………….Very slick indeed…… were fab!”

I never once ask for feedback after a Funeral but I’m always so grateful when people take the time to ring me, text me or write to me in this way.

Thank you to everyone who’s ever troubled themselves to find a moment in their day, to do just that. xx