Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: July 6th 2019 | Posted in Celebrancy, Funerals

Well I can finally let the cat out of the bag……..or rather our new 10 week old Newfie puppy!

Please let me introduce young Berkeley to you all!

He’s a distant relation to Hector our black and white Newfoundland, as we picked him up from the same breeder just over a week ago now. He was born on Easter Sunday so I think he’ll always have that wonderful story wrapped around him.

You might remember that we lost Dibley and Mischa, our two black girls, some 12 and 18 months ago. We carry them both deep in our hearts and will always thank them for making us the patient owners that we are. But we knew we had a lots of love to share and that when the time was right, we’d introduce new paw prints into our home. That time came around!

Both Hector and Berkeley are bonding well but we keep a close eye on them. Hector’s a gentle giant but he’s still a puppy himself and Berkeley’s bones aren’t quite up to his level of rough play! Try getting a photo of the two of them standing still long enough – no chance!

But for now………….what’s not to love about this bundle of fluff who’ll very quickly learn, that he’s my guilty secret that drags me away from my writing!