Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: November 8th 2018 | Posted in Funerals

This week I’ve been leading services for people who had many great friends around them.

What’s struck me in my conversations, is how everything changes when you lose a friend from your circle.  I remembered this poem which I came across a few months ago and it just seemed to fit with this week’s emotions.  I hope the words bring some meaning and resilience to those who need it:

A Friend, by Alice Kavounas

“In a circle of friends, the one who dies first
is the friend you will never forget;
this is the death that unhinges you
from the trappings of everyday life
and makes you – suddenly – absurdly grateful
for each new breath – beginning with this one.
This is the death that could break you apart
in every way possible; that persuades you –
in memory of that friend – to turn away
from whatever refuses to speak to your heart
from whatever threatens to numb your soul
from whatever it is that revels in death.
Yet this, too, is the friend you need by your side.
Listen. Together they urge you; Live your life.”