Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

This is where you'll find all my news and thoughts about being a Celebrant and Mentor, as well as snippets of the feedback that people kindly send to me. If you have any comments, suggestions or even your own personal testimonial to share, then I'd love to hear from you.

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Is the role of the Matriarch set to erode over time?

Posted: January 8th 2019

“Matriarch; a woman who is the head of a family or tribe, an older woman who is powerful within a family or organisation.” I’ve led a few Funerals just recently where the person who’s died has been described as a Matriarch – the hub of the family, keeping it all together and presiding over all
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New Year – New Feedback!

Posted: January 3rd 2019

What a heart warming piece of feedback to open the New Year for me. “Dear Carole Thank you so much, once again for your beautiful service at Carmountside for my late son xxxx. Your attention to detail and reverence, gave the day the essence of what were all there for and we felt a peace
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“Every new beginning………” Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31st 2018

Walking away from one year and into another, stirs lots of different emotions for people. For some they’re glad to see the ending of the last twelve months. Whilst for others, the beginning of a new year welcomes new goals and challenges. And so however you decide to end one year and walk into another,
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Saying your Goodbyes to someone who’s dying

Posted: December 29th 2018

I read this article over Christmas but it didn’t feel the right time to share it with you then as there was so much around that was going on. I’ve realised that there’s never a good time to share an article like this. It very clearly tells the story of how it’s not just us
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My Christmas Message – I feel like the Queen!

Posted: December 24th 2018

This festive period marks my 8th Christmas as a Celebrant and because rituals bring order into my life, you’ll know that every year I give a Christmas Message on Christmas Eve. I almost feel like The Queen – it’s just that I’m a day ahead of her! So as I draw my festive wishes together
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“On this cold, dark Winter Solstice day”

Posted: December 21st 2018

As Winter Solstice reminds us all about the beginnings and endings of life, here’s a short poem that sums up the phase so simply for me: “On this cold, dark Winter Solstice day we await the birth of the sun, to take us into longer days with more light for everyone. From this the shortest
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Posted: December 9th 2018

“Dear Carole I would really like to apologise for not thanking you personally for the lovely service you gave for my wife xxxx yesterday. I was so overwhelmed by the number of people coming to me that I didn’t get around to speaking to you. I want to say thank you, as it was just
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I don’t claim to remember every single Funeral I’ve led – that would be dishonest!

Posted: December 6th 2018

“You might not remember me but you did my Mum’s service a few years ago……” I’m often approached by people to lead a service for them because I’ve supported them in the past…..and this is the kind of opening line to the conversation! I don’t claim to remember every single Funeral that I’ve ever led.
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Why some of the oldest poems are the best!

Posted: December 4th 2018

Working in the funeral industry means that the longer you do your role, the greater your repertoire of resources becomes.  My catalogue of ‘Go To’ material just keeps growing and growing. I’m always on the look out for new readings, prayers or poems and just different ways of getting a message across.  Sometimes I’ll use
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Been asked to lead a Eulogy?….then you’ll need my 7 Top Tips!

Posted: November 28th 2018

If you’ve ever been asked to say a few words at a funeral, or to lead a eulogy for someone’s life – then no doubt, you’ll remember that feeling only too well! It’s not something we get asked to do everyday.  And yet we know it’s the last thing we can do for someone who’s
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