Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

This is where you'll find all my news and thoughts about being a Celebrant and Mentor, as well as snippets of the feedback that people kindly send to me. If you have any comments, suggestions or even your own personal testimonial to share, then I'd love to hear from you.

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Chuffed to be the only Celebrant to have ever won this award!

Posted: February 15th 2019

This week saw me skip off to Birmingham to the annual gathering of the ‘Small Business Sunday’ winners. You might remember that back in 2013, Theo Paphitis the former Dragon’s Den entrepreneur chose Sincere Moments as one of his top 6 favourite businesses on twitter.  It’s something he does every week and the national network
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Passed away, slipped away…..or died.

Posted: February 11th 2019

Passed away or died. Lost or died. Slipped away or died. Gone to sleep or died. There are lots of ways we all describe death. That’s because we come at it from different backgrounds and belief systems.  So it tires me out when I hear the funeral industry tell us to use the words that
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“You have a wonderful calmness……..”

Posted: February 7th 2019

“Hi Carole I just wanted to say a huge thank you from all the family for Mum’s service yesterday. You captured her perfectly. You have a wonderful calmness and helped to turn a very difficult day, into one of fond memories and celebration. Everyone commented on what a lovely service it was and I was
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It’s been a weekend of feedback!

Posted: February 3rd 2019

Who wouldn’t want to close their weekend by reading some warm and authentic feedback? So here’s a snippet of the words used in some of the emails that landed in my inbox over the last couple of days: “You were professional and empathetic at the same time……..many people complimented the service as a whole and
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“Be still. Close your eyes. Breathe.” A most stunning poem that needs sharing!

Posted: January 28th 2019

A son recently read out a tweaked version of this poem for his Mother at her Funeral. He had a strong, deep and confident voice and you could have heard a pin drop as he led us all through the words. I shall always remember his oration and how he beautifully captured everyone’s imagination. “If
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“What if this road……decided not to go home after all”

Posted: January 24th 2019

I may well hold a growing repertoire of poetry and literature but I still learn every day, from the growing number of people who google away finding their own readings for the Funeral they’re arranging. A recent family I worked with asked for this particular poem to be included in their service.  I’d never come
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A Funeral Service doesn’t justify someone’s loss – it can never do that.

Posted: January 21st 2019

“A Funeral service doesn’t justify someone’s loss. Nothing can ever do that.” These were my parting words at a recent service. I wanted to get the message across that having a Funeral doesn’t make things OK for the people left behind.  But one thing it will and can do, is to draw a line under
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Is the role of the Matriarch set to erode over time?

Posted: January 8th 2019

“Matriarch; a woman who is the head of a family or tribe, an older woman who is powerful within a family or organisation.” I’ve led a few Funerals just recently where the person who’s died has been described as a Matriarch – the hub of the family, keeping it all together and presiding over all
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New Year – New Feedback!

Posted: January 3rd 2019

What a heart warming piece of feedback to open the New Year for me. “Dear Carole Thank you so much, once again for your beautiful service at Carmountside for my late son xxxx. Your attention to detail and reverence, gave the day the essence of what we were all there for and we felt a
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“Every new beginning………” Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31st 2018

Walking away from one year and into another, stirs lots of different emotions for people. For some they’re glad to see the ending of the last twelve months. Whilst for others, the beginning of a new year welcomes new goals and challenges. And so however you decide to end one year and walk into another,
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