Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: July 20th 2019 | Posted in Celebrancy, Funerals

People often choose poetry for a Funeral so that it sits alongside the tribute and music. There are lots of different ones out there all with very different meanings.

But sometimes, a real heartfelt message is best delivered through your own words and a lady did just that recently for her Uncle’s funeral. Angela has very kindly given me her permission to publish her words and I know that when you read them, you’ll understand just how precious her Uncle was to her.

"This is what I remember
Your bravery and your love
That caring, wise and watchful eye,
which now peers on us from above.

Through all important moments,
You made sure that you were there,
Visiting me as a baby,
Showing how much you care.

You watched me grow up through the years,
Making memories along the way,
Roller blading in your garden,
When visiting I loved to play.

Barbeques and fun parties,
To celebrate special times,
Sleep overs at yours and Aunty Barb's

Memories that will last a life time.

We shared a holiday abroad,
You were there on our wedding day,
First birthday celebrations,
For little Poppy Rae.

You helped us make our house a home,
Lending tools, giving words of guidance,
Shortly after you became so ill,
And we all fell into silence.

There is nowhere else that I would have been,
But beside you by your bed,
We held your hand, reassuring you,
"Everything will be OK" I said.

I didn't know if you could hear me,
But then you gave my hand a squeeze,
Goosebumps appeared upon my skin,
And I felt my body freeze.

A few hours later, the time did come,
Where you would have to leave,
And heaven gained a lovely soul,
Leaving us all to grieve.

This is what I remember,
Your bravery and your love,
That caring, wise and watchful eye,
Which now peers on us from above

(My thanks to the Author Angela Barratt who's allowed me to share her poem, in dedication to her Uncle.)