Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: March 11th 2019 | Posted in Business Mentoring, Celebrancy, Funerals, News and Insights

Many of you will remember how Keith and I had lost Dibley and Mischa, our adorable Newfoundland dogs over the last 18 months. We’ve thought long and hard about bringing a new addition into our home because their loss just left us so raw.

But we took the plunge and decided to bring a new puppy into our lives again. We’ve always been dog owners and we know we have a lot of love to share with the right dog.

As I write this, we’re on a couple of waiting lists for puppies that are expected later in the year. But in the meantime, we were asked if we were interested in having an 8 month old puppy from a breeder in Somerset.

Long story short and after much chit chat about this and that, we scooted down the M5 to ‘view’ their dog. Now for any dog lovers out there, you’ll know that heart and logic decisions can be fierce and protracted.

This was neither!

At 8 months old and weighing in at just under 7 stone, our noble Hector is taking well to the camera. He knows his own mind and he’s learning all about Funeral Celebrancy and Mentorship schemes……..although he’s yet to understand how white hair doesn’t quite go with black attire!

Hector says hello!