Business mentoring for new celebrants

Business mentoring for new celebrants

Posted: May 9th 2018 | Posted in Funerals, News and Insights

How would you feel if you found your Mum and Dad’s old love letters? 

I’ve sat with lots of sons and daughters who’ve just done that. It leaves them both amused and embarrassed at what they’ve found. 

Some chuckle and want to put them straight back where they got them from because they feel like they’re intruding. Whilst others want to read them over and over again and explore the dizzy heights of excitement that their parents shared.

There’s no right or wrong but just imagine how it feels, opening something that wasn’t meant for your eyes.

So next time you feel like being amorous or inclined to write down every ounce of the love you hold……do bear in mind that one day after you’ve gone, your offspring may read your words!

What they then do with it is completely out of your control!